TicksNet – TekenNet – TiquesNet

TekenNet/TiquesNet is an online citizen-science platform that aims to collect and analyze data on the occurrence of tick bites on humans through space and time in Belgium. Through the website (tekennet.sciensano.be or tiquesnet.sciensano.be) and the Mobile App, the public can report tick bites on humans in Belgium. This tick reporting can be done either anonymously or as a registered member of the TekenNet/TiquesNet cohort which helps to create a baseline for tick bite surveillance in Belgium.

Be aware that the graphs are updated on a weekly basis to ensure completeness of tick bite reporting data.

These 7 graphs are dynamically linked together. You can explore the data by selecting categories on the graphs. On the map, click on the polygons. On horizontal bar charts, click on the rectangles or the label if the rectangle is too narrow. On pie charts, click on the section or on the labels. On vertical barcharts and timelines, select a range by clicking and dragging from start to end. You can reset all selections by clicking on "Reset" on the top of each chart. When a category is selected, a filter is applied immediately and the other graphs will adapt to show only what you selected.

The graphs on this page are based on the TekenNet/TiquesNet reports and aim to inform about:

  • The temporal dynamics of tick bite reporting in Belgium and its different regions. Are ticks very active and are there more or less tick bite reports compared to previous years?
  • The difference in tick bite reporting incidence among Belgian geographical units. Do you live in an area where the incidence of reported tick bites is high or low?
  • In which type of environment are tick bites often reported within the Belgian geographical units?
  • What is the distance between home residence and the location where tick bites are reported?

For each year, an overview of the TekenNet/TiquesNet results is presented in a report for the general public. These reports can be found on the results page of the website.


The Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases unit of Sciensano thanks everyone who contributes to TekenNet/TiquesNet, especially the citizens who register tick bites. The TekenNet/TiquesNet platform collaborates with the Belgian regions and different partners.

The TekenNet/TiquesNet platform is founded and coordinated by Sciensano and is. financially supported by the regional health authorities (Agentschap Zorg en gezondheid, Flanders and Agence pour une Vie de Qualité, Wallonia).