Sciensano has been appointed for the epidemiological monitoring of the COVID-19 epidemic in Belgium. Sciensano processes data that provide a scientific insight into the dynamics of the epidemic and thus supports an evidence-based policy to control the COVID-19 epidemic.

Notes: Requests for data that are not owned by Sciensano should be addressed to the actual data owner. Due to high demand and limited resources, Sciensano is obliged to limit the scope of data requests it is able to process. This procedure only applies to requests in the context of official (subject to peer review) scientific research. Media-associated requestors are invited to address their specific request to .
Requests for private and non-research purposes, as well as incomplete and unclear requests, will not be processed.

COVID-19 Data Request

Since 31 March 2020, Sciensano has made daily updated data publicly available.

Obtaining access to additional data other than these public (open) data is subject to at least[1]:

Step-by-step procedure

(1) The applicant submits the electronic application form below

(2) Sciensano evaluates the application and communicates the result thereof to the applicant within 21 days (target period, may be exceeded due to priority of COVID-19 monitoring tasks).

(3) Where the evaluation shows that the application can be granted:

- Sciensano shall provide the applicant with a draft agreement for access to/communication of the data[3]

- where appropriate, the applicant shall, in agreement with Sciensano, submit an application for authorisation to the Information Security Committee

(4) The applicant shall provide Sciensano with:

- a signed copy of the agreement

- where appropriate, the authorisation of the Information Security Committee

Request access to additional data

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